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     Brooke Madison Costanzo was a vivacious, vibrant “firecracker” of a girl who became our Angel in Heaven when she died in a car accident in December 2017. Brooke’s love of children and helping people inspired her mother and sisters to carry on her legacy by offering a special teddy bear, an exact replica of one Brooke was given at birth by her Noni & Pop Pop which she treasured her whole life. 


     Brooke’s Bears soft & cuddly teddy bears have been modified to make them safe for children of all ages.  Our teddy bears can be purchased for someone you love or donated to children/adults in need in our local hospitals, and hopefully other places such as therapy centers, surgical centers, orphanages, foster homes, nursing homes, and in ambulances – wherever there is someone in need of a smile or a hug, we hope to be there offering our special cuddly teddy bear.


     We wanted our teddy bear to resemble Brooke’s own, so we contacted the original manufacturer, Mary Meyer Stuffed Toys in VT, and they enthusiastically agreed to help us by bringing this teddy bear out of retirement.  These teddy bears are available, so hurry and get yours! Keep checking our website for news and updates on all of our hospital deliveries and happy customers.


     Brooke’s Bears MAGNETS are also available – a 6″ beautifully colored magnet of the patch design on our teddy bears, which was designed by one of Brooke’s best friends especially for this mission.   We also have Brooke’s Bracelets still available.  These durable, flexible purple rubber bracelets hold a beautiful message and help to keep Brooke’s memory alive. 


     Go to “SHOP”  at the top of the page and place your order now!


    To become one of our very special SPONSORS and show your support for Brooke’s Bears mission, go to the “DONATE”  tab to make your donation. Your donation will go a long way in providing a child in need with some comfort. Your support will also be recognized in all disseminated information concerning Brooke’s Bears and its endeavors, and our sponsors will be listed on this site, and included in all advertising and marketing campaigns – FREE advertisement!


     All Donations and profits from our sales will be used to offset the manufacturing costs of our beautiful teddy bears AND help us to provide future scholarship awards in Brooke’s name to students from her high school.  Brooke was a member of the Class of 2019, and we are so happy to report that, thanks to so many caring friends, families and our SPONSORS, Brooke’s Bears has awarded over 38 scholarship awards to HS Seniors over the last 4 years to the Classes of 2019, 2020, 2021 & 2022 !!!


     It is our sincere hope that with your help and support, Brooke’s Bears will continue to bring love, comfort and a “ray of sunshine” to those in need for many years to come.


      There are no words to describe how the loss of Brooke has changed us all. Through this mission, it is our intention to keep Brooke’s beautiful memory alive and shining bright as we bring happiness to those who deserve it most – one bear at a time.


     We humbly thank you for your support.

 Janine, Samantha & Paige Costanzo