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Brooke with Noelle (patch designer).

The Patch

     One of Brooke’s best friends, Noelle, took on a labor of love and designed this patch in honor of her friend, Brooke. The original design, which Noelle drew by hand, is listed below which eventually evolved into the patch we have today. 

     We started out with Brooke’s favorite “saying” and put it on one of her favorite flowers – the Sunflower, using a purple background (her favorite color and the color of the original teddy bear Brooke received when she was born).  The doodled flowers listed on these pages are Brooke’s original designs which she doodled on notebooks and score sheets and anywhere her friends would let her. They call them “Brookie’s Flowers”. The message we included was made using Brooke’s actual handwritten words from a letter we found that she wrote to a special friend.

Noelle and Brooke – clowning around.

     We also listed our website so people who receive the teddy bear can find out more about the bear, our mission and the beautiful legacy of Brooke Madison Costanzo.

     This patch is exactly what we envisioned! It is beautiful, colorful and is full of meaning!  

The Final Version


Graphic Sample


Early Design