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The Brightest Lights Only Burn Half As Long…

     Brooke Madison Costanzo was a beautiful soul – inside and out.  She brightened the life of each person who came in contact with her.  She was beautiful, intelligent, popular, funny and outgoing – a friend to everyone – and our ray of sunshine.  Her goofiness, her beautiful smile and contagious unique laugh would put a smile on anyone’s face.  

     Brooke was a very talented multi-sport athlete and participated in sports since she was 4 years old, in every season, her favorites being volleyball, cheerleading & lacrosse. She loved playing sports, loved her team and coaches, and was always encouraging her teammates to be the best they can be.  She was also very involved in high school as a member of Student Council, Spanish Club and other various clubs.  If something fun was being planned, Brooke wanted to be a part of it.  Although Brooke was a pretty good student, she planned on joining the military after high school to serve her country and eventually become a “medic” so she could help people, and especially work with children. 

     Brooke LOVED young children and animals. She coached grammar school kids in cheering and lacrosse, worked as a summer camp counselor and babysat for local families. She kept herself very BUSY and really enjoyed being around kids – babies, toddlers, tweens, didn’t matter.  She was always so good with them and they loved her right back.  She was also on a mission to save every animal that crossed her path – squirrels, dogs, bunnies, birds – you name it.  It was uncanny how kids and animals were just drawn to her and her loving spirit.

     Sadly, Brooke became our Angel when she died in a car accident in December 2017 at the age of 16.   It is in her honor that Brooke’s Bears, Inc. was created.  Brooke’s energetic spirit and her love of helping people inspired us to create a legacy geared toward spreading sunshine and love – one cuddly teddy bear at a time.

     Help us keep Brooke’s legacy alive by showing your support which will help children and adults in so many ways – in honor of our beautiful Brooke.